I started in training with our first Rottweiler Phantom in 1992. I put a CD on him in one weekend at 3 consecutive shows! (one being a specialty) I was then introduced to Schutzhund and really found my niche. I put a SchH1 on Phantom with very respectable scores as well as a CGC, BH and TT. Phantom also had a part in a children’s movie, “Spaniel Spade’s Canine Capers” in which I was the trainer and handler.




V-1 Coldar Deacon von Warsan BH, BST, SchH3


Our second Rottweiler Deacon I trained from puppy to SchH3 and competed at local as well as National events. Deacon was the one that also put me in the SchH3 club with “United Schutzhund Clubs of America” and “United States Rottweiler Club”.





Multi V-1 BISS Select Ch Black Oak Chance v Coldar BH, CD, BST, SchH3, AD, TT, CGC, MRC/NRC Hall of Fame, ARC Silver Sire


During the time I was training and competing with Deacon, I also had the privilege of taking a very famous dog in the Rottweiler community “Chance” for 9 months of training and put a SchH2 and SchH3 on him as well as showing him to his Sieger title.








We had one female, Selene aka Silly.  Selene was Sandy’s dog all the way and a really cool little girl!







Boomer Von Butternuss


Next dog was Boomer. Boomer was going to be my next competition dog but unfortunately had an ACL injury and I retired him from doing Schutzhund.






Buzz was next and I trained him to a BH and BST. Buzz was also V-rated in comfirmation going V-3 in “Open Male” at a Regional Seiger Show in the same weekend as his BST. Buzz was “Pink Papered” with an exceptional pedigree and a tremendous working dog.






And we also have Chase. Chase is a very happy-go-lucky dog who just really enjoys everything!